Training at Motorsport Arena Oschersleben

Daniel Fernandes injury
Training at Motorsport Arena Oschersleben with organization Racing Academy GmbH

We started with a rain session..
I increased my speed and was faster than the moto3 riders with rain tires
So I had tried to brake later but unfortunately, that was not a good idea my front tire slipped away and i crashed with my bike..

RC390 crash
Had not suffered much damage so i had fix my bike to ride again.

It began to dry so i could ride well without much slipping 😛

Got some good tips from Joey Litjens, so i’ve been working on it and was getting better
So was my best time 1:53

Next day training with organization Bike Promotion

The sun began to shine and had good grip, I have improved my weak points and improved my time to 1:50 i was happy with it..

After the session I wanted to try to take a turn with a full throttle but unfortunately I came too wide and come outside the track with very high speed there was no gravel but only grass I could not brake hard on the grass and saw the wall tires already come closer I have therefore decided to brake harder so i wont crash against the wall my front tire slipped off and landed hard on my left hand I had problems with my left hand and knew very quickly that it was not good.

x ray daniel fernandes
After the X-ray was found that my metacarpal has been broken.
It’s like Miguel Oliveira and i have bad luck in Germany Miguel also had a fracture during free practice 1 for the German GP.

RC390 Oschersleben
I left Oschersleben with a broken metacarpal but I certainly learned a lot i thank Joey Litjes and organization Racing Academy GmbH for this good day.