June 15, 2015 Daniel Fernandes

3rd in senior IDM Nürburgring

Daniel Fernandes IDM prijs
A difficult weekend at IDM Circuit Nürburgring had a bad qualifying done had still suffered from crazy Germans, one even touched me but happy we stayed on the bike.. So had a Q45 of 46

But I FOCUS! I still want to improve my race for the bad points i had and give everything for the race! have succeeded had not made a good start as I start it 1sec later.., but still had made a good sprint and had overtaken 15 racers.. I keep pushing to get to the fast group, but unfortunately that was not successful because I was often attacked by other riders so I’m just finished 30th into 3rd in senior class the first stage of this year happy with the 3rd prize starting with a Q45.

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