REVIEW Metzeler Sportec M5

Metzeler m5 rc390
German motorcycle tyre manufacturer Metzeler are well-known for their touring tyres but they’ve have expanded their range in recent years and are now offering tyres worth considering for sportier riding too.

Metzeler claim their new tyre, the Sportec M5 Interact, is a grippy sport-touring tyre that’ll work well on sportsbikes. As is the trend at the moment; tyre manufacturers are producing tyres that offer grip and bold mileage claims.

Daniel Fernandes at cartagena
Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact on track Cartagena

Often, the tyre uses dual compound, with a harder rubber in the centre to increase mileage and a softer compound rubber on the sides of the tyre for maximum grip.
Mezeler m5 rr compound
The Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact doesn’t just use dual-compound rubber. The Interact part of the tyre’s name refers to the structural setup of the tyre carcass, which features steel bands which are tuned with different levels of tension, to control the amount of flex across the tyre’s surface.

The Sportec M5 Interact uses three different tension levels in its belts, across five different sections of the tyre. At the tyre’s centre, the belt’s tension is at its greatest, keeping the tyre stiffer, meaning it’s more stable at high speed and wears less too. As the belts move away from the centre of the tyre, their tension decreases, to allow the rubber to spread on the tarmac and find more grip. At the tyre’s edge a higher tension belt is used, to keep the edge of the tyre stable at full-on lean.

Seeing as Metzeler claim the M5 is capable on track, I tested them out on the current must-have bike, the KTM RC390.


Cartagena metzeler m5
Cartagena’s tight corners unravel onto full-power straights, so the M5 Interacts were never going to have an easy time.

I started out on brand-new rubber, not scrubbed in, but it only took a lap before the tyres felt warm and I could start to feel for more of the grip they had on offer.

The M5 Interact handles like a sports tyre, its profile isn’t as sharp as a full on track-focused tyre but for me, that’s a plus point. It doesn’t fall on its side like a tyre with a steep profile but it’s not slow to get over, either.

If you’re a fast road-rider and looking for a tyre that’ll offer excellent grip, I’d highly recommend the Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact.

Daniel Fernandes process in Croix and ternois

Croix and ternois rc390

Saturday I started with the first qualifying on wet road, unfortunately i passed out in my 2nd round my front left me..
When I had my 2nd qualification I’ve lost my self esteem also started to rain so have made a very bad qualifying

So I had to start last Sunday in the race. In my fist race i still not had my self esteem back also i didn’t know the circuit well, so I used my first race to know the circuit and have tried many things

The race was stopped earlier unfortunately by an accident

But I did not like riding my bike with the gear ratio that I had use. I have therefore set up a new gear to gear 42

I started race 2 really good, I caught up with a lot of riders more than half riders I had overtaken started very aggressively. But unfortunately I lost many places because i didn’t know the circuit well, I knew where my weak points where only much later in the race. Just when the race was over, I had a good feeling I had my self esteem back and I felt good with this gear 42 i was one of the last ended but was happy with my process i have done.

Now I focus on my next race in Assen my favorite one!

Croix rc390
I leave Circuit Croix with a smile I have work to do!